Commercial Grade Conversational AI

Building voice-enabled conversational AI to enable brands to better serve their customers in LIVE business environments.

What is AIDA?

Where has AIDA been showcased before?

Unlock voice as a vital tool and acceleration to drive sales of your business

We are developing a voice-based technology platform with the potential to transform the way brick'n'mortar businesses interact with their customers.  Are you a fast-food brand in need of reliable labor to staff your drive-thru? Or perhaps you sell fine wine and would like to have a platform that allows for customer inquiries to be answered with suggestions along with food pairing? Or maybe you are a retail brand looking to enhance your customer's experience with a personalized shopping assistant to answer all your customer's style questions as they shop?

Using our platform, AiDA can become your brand's personal digital employee and integrate into existing enterprise technology with our IoT (Internet of Things) device to create an unparalleled guest experience and a reimagined Brick'n'Mortar 2.0.  All while reducing operating costs and maximizing sales opportunities for your business.

Accents Detection

Differentiate between accents of customers when making orders for demographic assessments and product promotions

Smart Order Taking

Pick up orders made in natural speech without any formal grammar by unique NLU algorithm for efficient processing

Product Short Forms

Ability to convert product short forms assigned by customers to standard product codes defined by management software.

Assistive Communication

Ability to detect disfluent speech, provide a limited number of understanding attempts before passing it to a human agent.

Human-Like Conversation

AIDA is built on industry data from various settings and is able to interact in a human-like manner, that is customizable to any brand's customer service standards.

Speech Recognition
& Conversational AI

Voice assistants and smart speakers allow youto complete day-to-day business tasks for your local franchise.

Accent Recognition & Analysis

Using accent detection to recognize demographic accents and analyze order trends to provide better the customer experience and increase sales.